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Introducing The Multi-Purpose STANLEY® FATMAX® Accessory Sets: Fully Connectable With Pro-Stack™ Storage System.

  • Modular, interlocking, stackable storage range designed to carry and protect premium STANLEY® accessories – with Small, Medium and Bulk Case options
  • Robust and portable PRO-STACK™ Caddy accommodates individual cases, keeping them organised and easily accessible
  • Full compatibility with the new STANLEY® FATMAX® PRO-STACK storage line-up
  • Accessory Sets include premium STANLEY FATMAX impact, screwdriving and drilling bits to complete a host of common applications in masonry, concrete, metal and wood
  • STANLEY FATMAX Screw Lock Impact Torsion Bits engineered for maximum strength and best-in-class performance in soft joint applications
  • Highest quality accessories ideal for use with the next generation 18V STANLEY FATMAX V20 cordless power tools series, delivering outstanding results

STANLEY® has boosted its power tool accessory portfolio with the launch of the new STANLEY FATMAX® Connectable Storage System, comprising a range of durable, stackable Accessory Sets and a robust, portable PRO-STACK™ Caddy to enable easy transportation.

Designed to be fully compatable with the company’s new STANLEY FATMAX PRO-STACK modular storage line-up, as well as the existing STANLEY TSTAK™ range, these innovative sets can be seamlessly connected and stacked together, creating a completely bespoke solution to meet the needs of a broad range of trades. The stackable nature of these interconnectable modules saves considerable space, while ensuring fast and convenient access to the components inside.

The new range consists of the following modules:

STANLEY FATMAX Small Cases and Medium Cases

These high-strength cases are built with a durable transparent lid, enabling full visibility of the contents and rapid access to frequently-used bits and accessories. The compact Small Cases can be clipped together for a customised solution, or attached to the STANLEY FATMAX Medium Cases, providing extra capacity and flexibility. Furthermore, the Small sized case is designed to be stowed neatly within the new STANLEY FATMAX PRO-STACK Caddy.


Containing a variety of mixed loose accessories, Bulk Cases can be stored securely inside both the Small and Medium Cases, as well as the STANLEY FATMAX PRO-STACK Caddy. The Small, Medium and Bulk Cases contain a multitude of premium STANLEY FATMAX bits covering all essential applications including drilling of masonry, concrete, metal and wood, and impact driving. This makes them perfect for use with the new generation 18V STANLEY FATMAX V20 cordless power tool range, delivering ultimate precision and performance in a wide variety of trades and professions, as well as for ambitious projects.


Rugged yet light and portable, the new STANLEY FATMAX Caddy can be configured with a number of case combinations to create a tailored mobile storage solution that combines all Accessory Sets in one place, and is easy to carry and transport between sites. The versatile Caddy is compatible with both the STANLEY FATMAX PRO-STACK and T-STAK modular storage systems.

STANLEY FATMAX Screw Lock Impact Torsion bits

CNC-machined for ultimate strength and optimum performance with high-powered impact drivers, these durable bits feature an innovative Torsion Zone that ensures best-in-class results in soft joint applications. The ingenious design affords minimum risk of breakage or wear, and a highly acurate fit within all types of fastening geometry. As well as increasing efficiency, this precise operation reduces the chance of slippage or cam-out, protecting both the accessory and the application material surface. Thanks to the 10x Magnetic Screw Lock Sleeve, these accessories also guarantee excellent screw retention and permit effortless one-handed use, while a specially-designed Torsion Impact Holder enhances the performance of 25mm bits, delivering the equivalent of 50mm models.

STANLEY FATMAX Connectable Accessory Set range:

Product code



19 piece Masonry and Impact Driving Set


13 piece Precision Metal Drilling Set


19 piece Metal and Impact Driving Set


8 piece SDS-plus Drill Bit Set 110mm


32 piece 25mm Impact Torsion Bit Set


22 piece 50mm Impact Torsion Bit Set


55 piece Mixed Impact Torsion Bit Set


40 piece Standard Screwdriver Bit Set


14 piece Masonry/Metal/Wood Set


8 piece Flatwood Drill Bit Set


9 piece SDS 110mm and 160mm Set


50 piece Mixed Drill and Driving Set


9x 50mm Torsion Bits PZ + Magnetic Screw Lock


9x 50mm Torsion Bits PH + Magnetic Screw Lock


9x 50mm Torsion Bits TX + Magnetic Screw Lock


20 piece Bulk Storage Std PZ2, 50mm


10 piece Bulk Storage Impact PZ2, 50mm


10 piece Bulk Storage Impact PH2, 50mm


10 piece Bulk Storage Impact T20, 50mm


10 piece Bulk Storage Impact T25, 50mm


20 piece Bulk Storage Impact PZ2, 25mm


20 piece Bulk Storage Impact PH2, 25mm


20 piece Bulk Storage Impact T20, 25mm


20 piece Bulk Storage Impact T25, 25mm


Caddy for Bulk and Small Cases

Nathan Riley, product manager for STANLEY Accessories, said, “Trade professionals around the world have trusted STANLEY FATMAX tools and accessories to deliver class-leading performance for decades, and these new Connectable Accessory Sets are no exception. Their customisable interlocking, stackable structure provides endless options to link together vital accessory cases needed during the working day – keeping the contents safe and secure, yet easily accessible when required for each job. Users will be impressed by these versatile, hard-wearing products, which help improve efficiency and productivity during daily operation, and will welcome the seamless compatibility with our ever-growing portfolio of PRO-STACK premium storage solutions.”

Further information about the STANLEY FATMAX Connectable Accessory Sets and Caddy can be found here.

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