A New Level In Functionality.

April 1, 2021

STANLEY® introduces I-Beam Levels: Durable, Practical And Intuitive Tools For Accurate Levelling On Site

  • New series of I-Beam Levels designed for outstanding durability, accuracy and ease of use
  • Choice of four lengths available: 120cm, 60cm, 45cm, and 30cm
  • Precise levelling performance with 2.0mm/m accuracy on all working edges
  • Three 12mm diameter vials* included for levelling at varying angles –180°, 90° and 45°
  • Top window permits clear and easy reading of the vial, even from above
  • Continuous edge enables convenient use as a rule for marking up
  • Extruded from robust aluminium for maximum longevity
  • Rugged, oversized plastic surrounds protect the vials if the tool is impacted
  • Heavy-duty end caps safeguard the levels against drops or bangs
  • Machined hanging hole allows easy storage when not in use
  • V-groove base designed to facilitate pipe applications
  • Yellow powder coating ensures surface protection and quick cleaning

Leading hand tools manufacturer STANLEY® has announced a new series of four I-Beam Levels. Designed for building professionals, automotive specialists and general contractors looking for exceptional ease of use, durability and accuracy in a multitude of trade levelling applications, the new STANLEY I-Beam Levels are available in lengths of 45cm, 60cm and 120cm.

Accurate to 2mm/m on all working edges, each model incorporates three vials* for efficient and intuitive levelling at a range of angles (180°, 90° and 45°). The tubular vials have a diameter of 12mm, ensuring excellent visibility in every position, and a top window has been built into the frame, allowing the vials to be read clearly and effortlessly, even from above.

Constructed to last from high quality, hard-wearing aluminium, each STANLEY I-Beam Level has been engineered for optimum strength and precision. The integrated vials are encased in rugged, oversized plastic surrounds, affording excellent protection and sustaining the vials’ accuracy, should the levels be dropped or knocked on site. STANLEY has also reinforced each level with strong plastic end caps, further safeguarding the tools if they are impacted in use.

Versatile and practical, the new I-Beam Levels feature a continuous edge on both sides, enabling the products to be used as a rule for marking up.

A yellow powder coating has been added to the levels for extra surface protection. Thanks to this ultra-smooth finish, the tools are much easier to wipe clean, should they become encrusted with plaster, concrete, dust or other jobsite materials.

For added flexibility, the STANLEY I-Beam Levels feature a V-groove base, which is highly useful for pipe applications. Each model also includes a hanging hole enabling to tool to be stored easily when not in use.

Darren Barber, Marketing Director said, “As with all STANLEY tools, this brand new line-up of levels has been built for superior performance, reliability and longevity. Trade professionals around the globe have come to depend on our products for their accuracy and efficiency, and our robust I-Beam levels are certainly no exception to this. Ensuring pinpoint precision at all angles, and best-in-class visibility thanks to their innovative design, users can put their full trust in these intuitive tools to deliver exact results, however challenging the working environment or application.”

STANLEY I-Beam Levels range - technical specifications

Profile: I-Beam
Lengths available: 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 120cm
Accuracy (primary edge): 2mm/m
Accuracy (secondary edge): 2mm/m
Level material: Aluminium
Number of vials: 3 (2 on 30cm model)
Vial angles: 180°, 90°, 45° (180° and 90° on 30cm model)
Vial type: Tubular
Continuous edge/bridge vial: Yes
Vial surrounds: Durable plastic
End caps: Durable plastic
Hanging hole: Yes

Further information about the STANLEY I-Beam Levels range can be found here.

Pricing & availability

The STANLEY I-Beam Levels range is available now. Pricing is available on request.


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