STANLEY® Strenghtens Adjustable Wrench Range.

May 1, 2021

Introduces Stanley® Fatmax® Quick Adjust Tool, Plus New And Improved Bi-Material And Metal Stanley Wrenches

No mechanic’s toolbox is complete without an adjustable wrench. And as a leader in this field, STANLEY® has introduced a new, optimised line-up built to meet the needs of demanding professionals across an extensive range of automotive, trade and industrial maintenance applications.

As with all STANLEY tools, each adjustable wrench has been constructed for strength, reliability and longevity. They have also been meticulously engineered to enhance speed, efficiency and access, particularly when working in confined or tight spaces.


STANLEY® FATMAX® Quick Adjust Wrench

Designed specifically to facilitate rapid, accurate adjustment between tasks, these premium wrenches feature an innovative mechanism that enables the user to quickly and intuitively adjust the tool’s powerful jaws by simply pressing down the wheel. The width of the jaws can then be fine-tuned to the exact measurement required, by rolling the wheel with the finger and thumb. Thanks to the extra-slim form factor and wide jaws of the tool, users are able to work freely within restricted spaces. For increased versatility, the parallel jaws are set at a 15° offset angle, allowing exceptional reach and precise operation.

Providing added strength and durability, the STANLEY FATMAX Quick Adjust Wrench is coated with a black phosphate finish, while the bi-material, soft-grip handle delivers ultimate comfort, grip and control. The addition of metric and imperial scales etched into the tool maximises efficiency in tightening applications. For extra practicality, an integrated hanging hole allows the wrench to be hung up in a workshop, or carried securely on a lanyard – particularly useful when working at heights.

The STANLEY FATMAX Quick Adjust Wrench is available in four different lengths, with a maximum jaw width of 33mm:

  • 300mm / 12” – FMHT13128-0
  • 250mm / 10” – FMHT13127-0
  • 200mm / 8” – FMHT13126-0
  • 150mm / 6” – FMHT13125-0


STANLEY Adjustable Wrench with bi-material handle

This robust series of adjustable wrenches incorporates a bi-material handle that delivers impressive grip and control, plus excellent comfort in repetitive or strenuous applications. With these tools, the parallel jaws are placed at a 15° angle to ensure a firm grip and best possible reach. The clear metric and imperial scales afford a high level of accuracy, while the built-in hanging hole permits the tool to be tethered on a lanyard, as required. A protective phosphate finish provides extensive product life.

The STANLEY Adjustable Wrench with bi-material handle is available in four different lengths, with a maximum jaw width of 32mm:

  • 150mm / 6” – 0-90-947
  • 200mm / 8” – 0-90-948
  • 250mm / 10” – 0-90-949
  • 300mm / 12” – 0-90-950


STANLEY Adjustable Wrench

Combining classic design with exceptional strength, these all-metal wrenches are equipped with jaws offset at a 15° angle, enabling a solid grip and superb reach in a multitude of tightening jobs. Each model includes both metric and imperial scales for added precision, a knurled mechanism allowing quick and precise adjustments, and a hanging hole for easy tethering and storage.

The STANLEY Adjustable Wrench comes in four different lengths:

  • 150mm / 6” – STHT13121-0
  • 200mm / 8” – STHT13122-0
  • 250mm / 10” – STHT13123-0
  • 300mm / 12” – STHT13156-0


Eric Guilloux, group product manager for STANLEY, said, “Within any trade pro or mechanic’s toolkit, the adjustable wrench is not just the most commonly-found tool, but an essential resource for tightening applications. At STANLEY, we know that efficiency and accuracy are key to these tasks, so we have streamlined and optimised our adjustable wrench line-up to ensure users can easily select the correct tool for each application – with the reassurance that they can trust their equipment to get the job done every time, quickly, effectively and with maximum precision. In particular, the introduction of the STANLEY FATMAX Quick Adjust Wrench with its slim design, rugged construction and ingenious fast adjustment system, means users can complete tasks precisely, while significantly enhancing productivity and speed. Trade pros will also appreciate that these versatile tools will provide them with reliable service for many years to come.”


Pricing & availability

The new STANLEY and STANLEY FATMAX Adjustable Wrench ranges will be available from May 2021. Pricing is available on request.



STANLEY has set the precedent for quality tools and engineered solutions for professionals around the globe for more than 175 years. With a legacy of reliability, STANLEY is the No. 1 tapes manufacturer in the world and continues to drive the industry forward with innovations including the STANLEY FATMAX product line as well as hand tools, power tools, storage and accessories that make life easier. For more information visit our STANLEY Website page or follow STANLEY on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.