STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH0 x 75 mm

Product Overview

Developed and manufactured to exact specifications at the STANLEY® production facility at Arbois, France, the STANLEY®FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH0 x 75 mm is part of the company’s high-performance professional VDE-certified screwdriver line-up, featuring a heavily insulated construction designed specifically for service work around high voltage applications. The STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH0 x 75 mm is approved by the VDE Institute for use in applications up to 1,000V. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon silicon steel for added strength, performance and extensive product life, this robust and reliable electrician’s tool delivers +100% longer tip life*. The tip has been hardened, sand-blasted and treated with a black phosphate coating. It has also been precision-machined for a highly accurate head-to-fastener fit.

Additional Features

  • COMPATIBLE WITH STANLEY® FATMAX® VDE SCREWDRIVER RANGE: Certified by the VDE Institute for applications up to 1,000V
  • BLACK PHOSPHATE COATING: Black phosphate coating on the tip delivers exceptionally long working life
  • HANDLE MOULDED DIRECTLY TO BAR: For a virtually unbreakable bond, delivering exceptional reliability and long product life
  • LARGE DIAMETER HANDLE: Which offers great torque needed for driving wood screws
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Large soft-grip, tri-material ergonomic handle designed to reduce of fatigue and increase comfort in repetitive applications
  • NARROW WAIST AND SMOOTH, DOMED END: Deliver excellent torque, speed, control and ease-of-use in challenging fastening or loosening applications, ideal for driving wood screws
  • CLEAR TIP LABELLING: Allows users to select the correct screwdriver for each job
  • AN INDUSTRIAL GRADE: 1000V a.c. insulation - Tested to EN IEC 60900:2018 meaning that that this screwdriver is suitable for live working use up to 1000V a.c
  • EXTREMELY TOUGH POLYAMIDE BLADE INSULATION SLEEVE: Makes it resistant to impact at -25 degrees centigrade and ensures increased abrasion resistance and reduced moisture absorption
  • TETHERING HOLE: Integrated into the handle, ensuring tools are never mislaid or dropped, and delivering additional safety for users when working at heights
  • TESTED: Individually tested to 10,000 volts
  • SCREWDRIVER TYPE: Insulated Phillips PH0, Size: 75mm
  • *On Average vs STANLEY Cushion Grip™ Screwdriver (PH2) : 65-224 Vs 64-941
SKU Product Name Number of Pieces Screwdriver Head Type PH Head Type Purchase
0-65-414 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH0 x 75 mm
0-65-416 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH2 x 125 mm 1 Philips PH2
0-65-415 STANLEY® FATMAX® Insulated Screwdriver Phillips PH1 x 100 mm 1 Philips PH1




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