STANLEY® FATMAX® BladeArmor™ 8M/MM (32mm wide) McGrath Edition Tape Measure - AVAILABLE 1st OCTOBER 2019

Features & Benefits

  • 8 metre blade length
  • 32mm blade width for clear and legible markings
  • Class II accuracy, suitable for the majority of professionals, providing a reassuring +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m
  • Abrasion resistant polyester film coated MYLAR® blade coating provides up to 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a standard lacquered blade, increasing the life of the tape and reducing wear on most heavily used sections of the blade.
  • TRU-ZERO™ hook for precise inner and outer measurements, moving back and forth along the securing rivets to account for the hook thickness
  • BladeArmor® coating, reinforcing the first 7.5cm of the blade, the section most vulnerable to wear
  • Multi-catch hook, slightly larger than a conventional hook and protruding on all edges - shaped to hook onto building materials with ease above, below and to either side, making for hassle-free regular measurements, side measurements and even overhead measurements
  • Bright yellow, easy-to-read blade
  • Secure to a belt, pocket, or waistband for improved portability using the integral belt clip
  • McGrath Special Edition Tape Measure
SKU Description
FMHT43063-0 STANLEY® FATMAX® BladeArmor™ 8M/MM (32mm wide) McGrath Edition Tape Measure

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